The Most Successful Ghost Writer
In American Literary History.

This past March 1st, marked the 29th year Andrew Neiderman has continued the V.C. Andrews franchise, one of the world’s biggest literary franchises and the longest continually running.

Palm Springs resident Andrew Neiderman had his 74th V.C. Andrews publication, Sage’s Eyes, published in March.

Along with his own publications, 46, the most famous of which is The Devil’s Advocate, Neiderman has already gone over 115 published novels, seven of which had been adapted into films. He has co-authored the screenplay for Duplicates on one and written the screenplay for V.C. Andrews’ RAIN that featured Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway and nominee Robert Loggia.

Since Neiderman began his V.C. Andrews authorship, the franchise has gone from just under 30 million books worldwide to now just over 106 million. V.C. Andrews has been published independently in 95 countries and translated into 24 languages. The international scope of the franchise continues this day with publications through the 45 UK countries, Holland and Germany, among others.

Created by Neiderman, the Official V.C. Andrews Facebook page is now over 144,000 friends and fans and was declared the seventh most explosive Facebook page in terms of rallying members.

Neiderman and his producing partner Dan Angel of Everywhere Studios had successfully developed five straight V.C. Andrews adaptations at Lifetime with a sixth, Heaven, now beginning development as of April, 2016. Everywhere Studios and Neiderman are actively pursuing additional films and television series development based on the V.C. Andrews novels.

He has also written the stage play version of Flowers in the Attic, which will soon be under contract with Martian Entertainment, a Broadway based production entity with Tony Award winning producer Greg Rowe at the helm.

Neiderman was the first really successful author to pick up a worldwide successful franchise and continue it and build it.

It is in fact, the longest running literary franchise in history, going over 33 years.

Neiderman and his co-librettist Julian Woolfred in London have developed the stage musical version of The Devil’s Advocate and are negotiating currently to produce it in South Korea. Currently, the stage play is finishing an extended run in Holland. The theater properties are represented by Henry Abrams Talent in New York City.

He has recently published the prequel to The Devil’s Advocate, entitled Judgement Day, with Gallery Books/Simon and Schuster.

Six of Mr. Neiderman’s novels have been adapted into television and feature film, including the mega hit THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE. One novel, TENDER LOVING CARE was adapted into a CD Rom interactive movie. Duplicates, Playmates retitled The Maddening, and PIN have all been adapted into film.

Mr. Neiderman co-wrote the screen play of DUPLICATES, a USA cable movie of the week and later a novel by him. His stories have attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest and most talented stars such as Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickinson, Mia Sara, Charlez Theron, John Hurt, Michael York, Cheryl Ladd, Cissly Tyson, Kevin McCarthy, Gregory Harrison, and Terry O’Quinn, Reuben Santiago Hudson. and Debbie Monk.

Mr. Neiderman wrote the screen play for V.C. Andrews’ RAIN which featured Faye Dunaway, Robert Loggia, Khandi Alexander(CSI Miami), Giancarlo Esposito, and Brooklyn Sudano as Rain.

Most know by now that Andrew Neiderman is the author behind the tremendous V.C. Andrews franchise. He has written over 70 titles and has brought the franchise from 30 million to over 106 million worldwide in 95 countries.

He continues to write and publish both under his own name and as V.C. Andrews. Visit the Official V.C. Andrews Facebook page for updates.