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Flowers In The Attic Mysteries Finally Revealed In “Christopher’s Diary”, Being Published Oct 28, 2014

The V.C. Andrews Phenomenon Continues By Looking At The Forbidden Story That Started It All Through New Eyes Revealing New Secrets

The publishing phenomenon of V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers In The Attic” series is about to be redefined by its newest book “Christopher’s Diary” (being published worldwide October 28, 2014) which re-tells the controversial story of incest and murder that captivated millions from the brother Christopher’s point of view for the first time.

Andrew Neiderman (also author of The Devil’s Advocate) has been the ghostwriter for V.C. Andrews for over 27 years of its 34 year franchise, so it’s fitting that he’s reviving a “ghost” from the original series that started it all in the form of Christopher’s story, as told by his diary.

The V.C. Andrews franchise has recently reached a new audience from Lifetime’s recent movie adaptation of Flowers In The Attic, which broke a viewing record of 6.1 million. Lifetime will be airing five V.C. Andrews titles in all.

Because of Neiderman’s success at reviving and prolonging the V.C. Andrews book franchise, other publishers have imitated the process by continuing such writers as Tom Clancy, Lawrence Sanders, and Raymond Chandler.

In an increasingly changing book publishing world, ghostwriting successful authors has become a major factor in the market. Neiderman, as one of the original practitioners of this can best speak to the phenomenon. He has been a guest on many talk shows and now with the tremendous Hollywood interest in the novels, has recently been interviewed by NPR, Entertainment Weekly, and L.A. Buzz Feed, among many others.

Neiderman, a former English teacher, is available for interviews and can discuss multiple publishing and writing topics from his multifaceted career. Under his own name, he has over 45 thrillers, a number produced as television and feature films, the most famous being The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, now in development as a stage musical in London and stage play in Holland as well as television series development at NBC with John Wells and Arnold Kopelson producing.

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